Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Craft Show 2009

I was talked into doing a craft show, by a good friend, and I am so glad that I was! It was a couple weeks ago and Parkway Central High School. I shared a both with three other fabulously creative new friends. I wasn't too sure how I'd do but as it turns out I'd chalk it up to a success. I didn't have a ton of product but here is a glimpse of some of what I took with me. I didn't bring all that much home which was kinda nice!

Thanks for checking me out :)


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Teacher Gifts

Well, having sick kids for about a month has given me some much needed craft time. I was asked by Kammy's teachers to whip up some notecards and such for a student teacher who has been in their classroom all semester. She leaves this week so here is what I delivered this morning. I think they turned out cute and had a little bit of a hard time letting go :)

And here is what all the teachers are getting for Christmas. My fabulously talented friend, Roxanne, made the cute "snow" shovels. We added hot chocolate, a yummy chocolate bar, and some marshmellows for snow :)

Thanks for looking! Happy Crafting!