Monday, February 25, 2008


After much debating, I have gone through my stamp sets and found about 30 that I think I can live without. If anyone is interested I am including a list of the sets below. If you need pictures, please let me know and I'd be happy to send any to you. Prices are negotiable and I may be interested in a trade. If getting the stamp set to you requires mailing I will probably need to add shipping costs to the price listed.

I will have any that haven't sold available at the next Stampin' Sisters event on March 8th event .... Sell-A-Bration Stamp-A-Stack.

Happy Stampin'!


A Little Love (2004) $8.00

All About Autumn (2002) $10.00

Along the Same Lines (hostess set, level 2 - 2005) $12.00

Announcements (2000) $14.00

Around the Block (2005) $8.00

Beyond the Basics (2001) $5.00 -- SOLD!

Bitty Blossoms (BG - 2004) $8.00

Curvy Verses (2004) $10.00 -- SOLD!

Dots & Checks (BG - 2004) $8.00

Down to Business (2006) $12.00

Festive Fall (hostess, level 1 - 2001) $8.00 -- SOLD!

Festive Four (2004) $5.00 -- SOLD!

Frame Greetings (2004) $14.00

Good Times (2003) $14.00

Hearts and Clovers (2003) $7.00 -- SOLD!

Holiday Fun Frame (2002) $10.00 -- SOLD!

Holiday Tag Team (2004) $14.00

Itty Bitty Borders (2002) $5.00 -- SOLD!

Just My Type (2003) $10.00 -- SOLD!

Lexicon of Love (2005) $8.00

Made From Scratch (hostess, level 1 - 2005) $8.00 -- SOLD!

Mini Messages (2004) $8.00

Monogram "I" (2006) $10.00

Petite Patterns (1999) $5.00 -- SOLD!

Shapes and Shadows (2004) $15.00

Smorgasborders (2004) $8.00 -- SOLD!

Tiny Talk (2004) $8.00 -- SOLD!

What Could Be Better (hostess set, level 3 - 2004) $15.00

Wonderful Weaves (2005) $7.00

Word Play (2004) $10.00 -- SOLD!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Snow Day

Hello! Well we have yet another snow day here in icy St. Louis! And I haven't posted in a week ... I can't believe it has been that long. I have been busy reorganizing my craft area and cleaning up from all the Valentine's projects. I also sent out my first batch of promotion letters for SeaStar Creations. Fingers crossed!

So, if you have gotten a letter and decided to visit my blog ... WELCOME! Please leave a comment or two if you are so moved! Just click on the "comment" button under this post (or whichever one you want to comment on). I hope you will visit frequently and be inspired to get your creative juices flowing. And if you don't feel like you can be creative -- call me and I will be creative for you :) HEE HEE!

Our MOMS group got cancelled today but, in preparation ,I had spruced up some votives for each Mom participating this session. I used the Just Delightful Simply Scrappin' Kit. I think they are much improved over just a plain votive cup. I loved the organic feel of the ones we got last session ... small pebbles were placed in the bottom of the cup but these small holders didn't allow room for that. Hopefully these will help the Moms as they find ways and places to relax and be stressfree!

Okay, enough chit chat for now ... its not like you have all day to read my stream of consciousness, right?? Go be creative :) Check back later, though!

Happy Stampin'

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Finally ... Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to you! I am so glad it is finally here. We had Teagan's party this morning which was really fun. Here are the mailboxes that I finished up last night for his teachers. I thought they turned out pretty cute. Mostly I am glad that once I make a card for Tim, I can move on to the next card making holiday!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is Valentine's Day Ever Coming???

Okay, I feel like I have been working on everything Valentine's Day since Christmas!!! Here are the latest ... the first picture is of the cards Teagan took to Sunday school with him. I did these super quick and was so excited that they turned out so cute. I wrote his name in the upper righthand corner then he signed his "T" on the back. The second picture is of the Valentine's card from us to our family and friends. Also, check out my SCS Gallery for my first ever BELLA :) I could be addicted! I also started the teacher's Target mailboxes but they are not quite finished yet. I will post those tomorrow.

And, lastly, I got my first Virtual Assistant job. I am helping someone redo their resume!! YEA!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Seeing Pink, Red and Hearts Everywhere!

I am feeling a little like Kamryn lately ... OBSESSED WITH PINK!! I am facilitating the MOMS group at church this Spring and volunteered to make the nametags for it. I was super lazy yesterday because I had a horrible sinus headache ... this St. Louis weather is killing me! Anyway, our first meeting is tomorrow morning so I had to do them today. That was a good thing, though, because while I was down there and got my creative juices flowing, I was able to accomplish a lot. I finished the Valentine cards for my super cute Sunday school class to give out at our party this week. I also bought them each a little box of Sweethearts but thought the box was pretty ugly so I jazzed them up a little. Here is a sneak peek. I am going to try to do Valentine mailboxes for Teagan's teachers tomorrow so I will try to post those in the next couple of days. Good night for now ... happy stampin'!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Heart Day!

Are you working on your Valentine's cards? Well here is a little something to get you inspired :) These are the ones I made for Teagan to take to school. I still have to make something for my Sunday school class. I have a few ideas running through my head so once I have a sample I will post again. Good luck on yours!

Friday, February 1, 2008


Hi Stampers ~ Welcome to my SeaStar Creations Blog! Feel free to look around. Christy and I will be using this occasionally for our "Stampin' Sisters" events. We had to cancel our Love Fest stamp camp this Saturday (Feb. 2, 2008) because Christy has had the flu all week. So, we are rescheduling for Saturday, February 9th from 10am-1pm. This stamp camp will focus on all that is love related :) We will make 4 fabulous cards: Wedding, Anniversary, Valentine's and the ever popular "Just Because I Love You" Cost is $10 and you are welcome to bring a friend along. This also kicks off Sell-A-Bration and if you have not gotten your catalogs we will have those available at the event. Please RSVP by Wednesday, February 6th. Above is a sneak peek at two of the cards we will make. Hope to see you there :)

Kimberly and Christy