Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I am in love ...

with two new blogs I have happened upon. These women are crazy creative and very generous to share their ideas, and often downloads, with visitors! Check them out :)

Skip To My Lou
She is going to do one awesome craft a day throughout the entire month of June! Hurry, sign up now. Its free and June is right around the corner.

Today's Creative Blog
Wait until you see what she can do with duct tape! Awesome :)

My baby turned 5 on May 17th! I can't believe my chubby baby girl with the big gummy grin is now a super skinny and sassy chick about to start kindergarten! Boo Hoo! She wanted a mermaid birthday party which we morphed into a backyard water park theme. Which would have been super cute but the weather did not cooperate. We attempted to turn the garage into a tiki hut. It was the best we could do. The kids had a blast splashing around in their bathing suits even though it was only mid-60's! Brrrrrr! Here is her invite and thank you note.

Happy Crafting! Remember its COOL to craft and when its 90 degrees outside, do you really need another excuse?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Crafting with YouTube

Did you know there are thousands of cool creative videos on Probably. I am always a bit behind the times. I found some fun ones for you to try out. In the search field on their main webpage, type in these as keywords:

Erin Bassett
Jyn Designs
Dawn McVey

I am sure you will find more. Now I am off to play with used laundry sheets ;)