Monday, June 30, 2008

And we have a winner ....

Congratulations to CPullum -- she won the BLOG Candy this time :) Teagan picked his favorite number -- 14 and thats who won this time around. I have contacted her and will get her goodies out to her ASAP! Thank you everyone for playing. I am fast approaching 600 -- and I originally gave candy to get to the 500 mark! WOW!

We arrived back from our weekend wedding in Cinci yesterday. We had a wonderful time. We met some new friends and had fun reconnecting with some old ones :) The couple who got married will be moving back to STL at the end of the summer so we were even more excited about the whole weekend. I had enough time to do some scrapbooking and visit a few scrap/stamp stores in the area, too! It was wonderful to sleep in and spread my stuff out without having to share or stop every five minutes. I did miss my kidlets terribly and unfortunately my puppy was not as well behaved as we had hoped, so I am sure my sister missed US terribly, too :( Anyway, we all survived and life is quickly back to our normal chaos!

I am including some of my scrapbook pages that I completed. A couple still need some finishing touches but they are *mostly* done and I am pleased with them!

this is a two page spread of Teagan's first day of school. The pictures flip up so there are actually 8 pictures on these two pages ... I still need to title and journal!

This one is of Kammy in the bath tub! I need to title and journal, again. Behind each of the two pictures on the left hand side are tags to write on.

This one is of Kamryn talking on my cell phone. I need to journal on this one and that will be under the little flap with the yellow and pink polka ribbon. A lot of the embellishments are felt. I bought these from a LSS that is closing and is discounting everything. I was anxious to use them and love how it turned out.

and this last one is going to say "FALL FUN" but I haven't attached the "fall" letters yet. I also need to finish up journal-ing .. can you tell I am not so good at getting that part done? I love the colors on this one.

Hope you find a little inspiration today -- it is a beautiful day here and hope you are having the same wherever you may be!

Happy Stampin' & Scrappin'

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Off to Cincinnati for a KID FREE weekend!!

Before I leave though, I have FINALLY finished my cousin's thank you notes. What a gratifying feeling to have completed 100 cards. I just need to pack them up and send them off now :) Yea! I think they look beautiful and were definitely a learning experience. I am new at this and each project is going to present new challenges. I am better prepared now to handle large projects than I was a month ago!

Also, I was able to do something for myself. I finished my sketch book :) Here it is! I have been adding to it daily and might need volume 2 very soon. I think it is so fun to find a card layout that really appeals to you, jot it down and see it transformed into your very own unique creation! You should try it. I found these STL Art Museum sketch books at a garage sale for $.25 a piece. I have three of them but you could even grab one of those $1 journals at Michaels and make it yours.

And I made a card for the wedding we are going to. Their colors are blue and brown (according to the save the date card we recieved). Those are very popular colors -- same as my cousin's wedding in a few weeks! I might need to put away the Bashful Blue and Chocolate Chip for a while after this!! I feel like I might have been able to add something to it but I couldn't figure it out so I left it. The rings are (wet) embossed and the chocolate chip frame was run through the sizzix with a cuttlebug embossing folder. Around the rings it says "to have and to hold" -- this is an older stamp set that I hardly ever use. And right now I am forgetting the name of it???

We are leaving around noon today. I have packed up my scrapbooking stuff and hope to get lots done. Tim is in the wedding so I will have some much needed "ALONE" time ... and I could NOT be more excited :) Kids and Pup are going to my sisters! Woo hoo!! I'll have a computer but will probably not get a chance to post again until Monday.

Happy Stampin'!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Still Working!

Well I am still not quite finished with my cousin's thank you notes, but I am making some good progress! If you are wondering what 100 cards looks like take a peek ...

My goal is to be done by Wednesday! I will let you know if I am being too optimistic. Hmmm? The other thing I have been working on while I take Rocky outside a gazillion times a day, to avoid accidents in the house, is coloring Bellas :) I have been considering Copics but really am having a hard time justifying the HUGE expense that will be. My SU! markers are getting kinda worn and so coloring with them is difficult. So, I used a 50% coupon at Michael's and got the 36 art & craft marker set from Martha's line. So far I like them. They are "blendable" and I am trying to get the hang of coloring and shading with them before I purchase anything more expensive. So, once I get these thank you notes done I am going to whip out some fun Bellas.

My nephews are here from Florida -- Yea! And we made them journals the other day ... here is a look at Alex's. We had a little snafu with the paper on the front so it bubbled a little more than I would have liked but he seems okay with it. I also went garage sale-ing on Saturday and found some STL Art Museum sketch books that I am going to alter. I have already been using one to make card sketches in :) Once I make it pretty I will post that, too.

Personally, I have been doing WW online for a the last couple months, although the last five weeks have been truly serious and following the plan. I have lost 10lbs :) I am so excited. And things are going really well. I have been keeping it quiet because I have not always been able to stick to the plan. But I feel like I have a good solid base. I have had success before on WW right after grad school. That was years ago and I wanted to wear a bikini for once in my life. Now, I just want to feel good -- physically and psychologically. I might never look like a Bella but maybe I can feel as cute as one if I can get to my goal weight which would include NO bikini but a perfect BMI. So, I very nervously will start to share some of my progress on my blog. Oh ... feeling a little sick about this decision. But I think its time. So here is my WW tip for the day -- there are 2 actually ...

1.) Lipton Iced Tea To Go (sugar free and 0 cals) are a great way to get in lots of "water" -- and if anyone out there is addicted to iced tea like I am this is heavenly :)

2.) 100 calorie packs are a great snack if you eat just one. If you eat 12 that's 1200 calories ... don't ask me how this tip came to be ... hee hee! Just EAT ONE.

Happy Stampin' and Here's To Better Health (a toast with iced tea is almost as good as a beer, right??)!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

JUNE Is ...

I have been working on my cousin's thank you notes and doing 100+ cards takes a while. So I have no pictures to post today :( Although, I do have a slight injury from hole punching through CS and ribbon 200 times!!

My DH is in Orlando, FL for a conference though so I hope to get lots of crafting done in the evenings after my kidlets go to bed. We are also expecting some rain at some point and I always craft when it rains!! Hopefully I will have something to post later today or first thing tomorrow.

Anyway, I didn't want to completely disappear. So, here are some excuses to make some cards or express yourself creatively:

June is ....

National Candy Month -- what's more sweet than getting a card with a treat? wonder when national poet's day is ... hee hee!

National Iced Tea Month (YEA!! -- My favorite!!) -- send an invite to a friend to meet for tea

International Mens Month -- send your favorite man a card

National Rose Month -- use a rose image on your next card

Effective Communication Month -- writing is an extremely effective way to communicate why not put it in a pretty card made by YOU?

Dairy Month -- there are lots of cute cow stamps out there ... hmmmm!

Children's Awareness Month -- send your favorite child a card, or donate some cards to a local children's hospital or organization

National GLBT Month -- use your brayer to make a beautiful rainbow background and send a card to a friend

Fireworks Safety Month -- Send out your July 4th invites with a safety tip included

The week of June 28 - July 4 is: Fish Are Friends, Not Food Week -- make a cute card using fishy friends

And in case you need some more ideas:

June 21st is America's Kids Day

June 22nd is Stupid Guy Thing Day

June 23rd is Let It Go Day

June 24th is Fairy Day

June 26th is Hand Shake Day

June 27th is National HIV Testing Day

June 18th is Great American Backyard Campout Day

and my favorite this month is June 30th -- Please Take MY Children to Work Day!! If you are interested in mine, just give me a call ;)

Hope you are all getting creative! I have added some fun sites to my sidebar, too.

Happy Stampin'

Monday, June 16, 2008

BLOG CANDY -- winner will be chosen Mon. June 23rd

I am offering blog candy ... I am really close to the 500 visitor mark and I'd love it if you helped me get there :) All you have to do is leave me a comment. Not sure what to say? Here are some ideas:

1.) Give me feedback on a project on my blog (but put your comment after this post, please)!

2.) Visit my Esty Shop and offer some constructive criticism.

3.) Give me feedback on my blog in general.

4.) Tell me how cute my new puppy is!

5.) Offer a suggestion of something you'd like to see me post.

6.) Tell me a joke.

7.) Tell me something fun about yourself.

8.) Share a crafty tip ... I am a sucker for technique tips and organizational ones, too!

9.) Share your favorite blog to visit.

10.) Explain why you should be the "winner" of the BLOG CANDY!

See, easy as that! Thanks for looking today ... hope you will be back again soon :) If you subscribe to my blog (thanks!!!) you may have to type in the URL ( to leave a comment. Just click on the little envelope below. I will randomly choose from those who do so on MONDAY, JUNE 23rd.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Retired List 2008 is HERE!

To see the much anticipated SU! Retired List ... click on the "stamp on the beach" on the top right sidebar! Happy Shopping!

The list is good through August 10th! For easier shopping, Christy and I suggest either highlighting in your catalog all the retiring sets, or stamping a small image next to each. This will make shopping and decisions a cinch!

The accessories list comes out July 21st. Keep an eye on my blog for more information.

All retired sets and accessories are available only while supplies last. So if you know you want something it is best not to wait. Accessories tend to go the fastest. To place an order just drop us an email or call. We will likely put in one order in June, two in July and one in August. If you'd like to host a party to qualify for some free retired sets let us know!


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Finally some crafty stuff ....

Okay, so I figured I had waited long enough to make Father's Day cards. My poor Dad won't get his until next week since I have to mail it. Sorry, Dad!! Above are the cards I made and I really like them, too! I used the scalloped circle cards from SU! and two of my many fellas! Both my Dad and my husband love to golf so they just got difference color schemes. That is Golfafella. One is from me to my Dad and the other is from my kids to my DH. The last one is to my DH from me. I used Wallstreetafella.

I made the mistake of looking at the Bella website the other day and now have another long list of "must-haves" -- but I must wait as we are still recovering from vacation.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Father's Day :) We are off to the baseball game. Hope the puppy is okay :( He will probably love the alone time ... my kids are so excited he is here all the time he might be feeling a little too loved.

Rocky Is In The House

I have gone completely and totally mad and gotten a puppy! This is "Rolling Rock" aka "Rocky" -- Teagan helped name him and has quickly decided that he is HIS puppy. I will let him believe that for a while, I guess. He is actually a VERY good puppy. He is 13 weeks old and a full bred Shih Tzu. He is completely housebroken and crate trained. We are close to "puppy heaven" -- he does nip when he gets excited (I've told the kids that his teeth get in the way while he kisses when he is super excited) and appears to have the potential to be a chewer. We are trying to nip that in the bud ... pun intended, of course :)

Anyway, he has kept me busy even before he arrived so this week has been all about pups. I really, really need to get crafting though! So, no new crafty pictures yet but very soon ... I promise!!
Also, I will post a BLOG CANDY challenge and pictures of what you'll get very soon ... I have topped the 400 hits number and I think its time!!
Don't forget my Etsy store -- link on the left hand side bar! Also, if you are local and need anything, of course, just call to avoid having to pay shipping through Etsy. I love doing special orders!!

Happy Stampin'!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Open for Business!

Here is THE announcement that I have been eluding to for a couple weeks now ... I have opened an store and I hope you will check me out! CLICK HERE:

I added a link on the top left sidebar that will take you directly there. If you haven't visited before take a look around at all the cool stuff offered on there. It is all handmade!! Pretty cool, huh? I am slowly uploading stuff so bookmark me and check back frequently. I will continue to post pictures here, although I don't have any to post tonight. I spent all day on getting myself set up and learning the ropes.

I just purchased the awesome banner and avatar from -- check her out if you are in need of anything. She also has great jewelry, too :) She was super fast and couldn't have been nicer!

Thanks to everyone who has offered they support, advice and assistance on my blog and my etsy store ... I appreciate it more than I could ever say! Hugs to you all!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sisterhood Of The Blogging Stampers

Hello from HOT and SUNNY Florida ~

The kids and I arrived safely and they did great on the flight. It was a super early morning (way before our normal "wakey time" -- 4am!!) but both woke up in good spirits and besides Teagan asking a million and one times "are we there yet?" all went smoothly.

We have already packed alot into just a few days. We are heading out to our first "official" beach day in about an hour. We have stopped and stuck our piggies in the Bay and the Gulf but this will be a big trip with buckets, shovels and snacks in tow. We have done the pool three times, visited my sister and her family twice and been to my brothers, too! I am burnt but the kids are looking very cute and tan.

I brought along some bellas and fellas to color but haven't actually gotten to them yet. If I am able I should be able to crank out quite a few cards when I return. Otherwise, I am just enjoying the inspiration :) I also have another scrapbooking sketch to get working on when I return. Look for that soon, too.

I did want to point out that I joined a fabulous group of women as the 18th Group of the Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers. I listed their blogs on the righthand sidebar and hope you will check them out. You will be amazed at their creativity and are sure to get lots of inspiration, too. You can also click on the title of this post for more information about the Sisterhood :)

Oh, and my cousin chose the monogrammed "T" thank you card. Yea! That means I defintely did not just use her as an excuse to buy Together Forever ... I actually NEEDED it ;)

Happy Stampin'