Sunday, January 27, 2008

What do I do now??

When my son was born, I felt compelled to stay home with him, but that had not been the plan throughout my pregnancy. I had my dream job and financially we were in a good place. So, my very understanding, supportive and patient husband said I could stay home but needed to find someway to bring in a little money. I have been working part-time in various positions for the last three and a half years. My latest job has ended, unfortunately ... they needed more hours and I was already struggling to find day care for the ones I had. We left friendly but it was sad and traumatic, of course!!

So, I am launching a "virtual assistant" business but my passion is more creative than what I will probably be able to help people with doing only that. Therefore, I am also launching a more creative endeavor and want to sell handmade cards, stationary, scrapbooks, scrapbook pages and gifts. All customized projects. I am so excited. I love being crafty and working full time, not so very long ago, I can still remember the stress of not feeling like I could take on something so huge and daunting as scrapbooking.

This is part of my first baby steps :) Wish me luck!

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Christy said...

Well of course I wish you luck. It is very inspiring which I find I need a lot these days. Although my intentions are good I seem to need help getting my butt down to my craftroom. In the words of my children, quoting the Wonder Pets, you are the "pushy pushy pushy, in my tooshy!"