Monday, October 6, 2008

Craft Show, October 25th

I have committed myself to doing my first ever craft show at Messiah Lutheran Church in Weldon Springs on Saturday, October 25th from 9am - 3pm. I hope that if you are local you will come check me out. I am very nervous and have been working my fingers to the bone to get ready. I am still not even close, to be honest, but still have some time so am not in a full-fledged panic yet. I am including a picture of just a few of the things that I will have available for sale at the show. Other than getting ready for that, I have an order for birth announcements that need to be completed, Teagan's birthday invitations and our family Christmas cards! Things are a bit crazy, as I am sure they are for everyone. I know that I have been MIA from my blog since returning from vacation pretty much so just wanted to pop in. I hope to be able to begin posting some every day or so again. Thanks for your patience :) Any suggestions, advice, comments on doing crafts shows would be much appreciated.

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