Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween and Birthday To Teagan :)

My baby is going to be 5 on November 3rd! I can't believe it and might cry! This feels like a big one. He decided that he wanted to have an UPSIDE DOWN party ... fun is that? The boy did get some of my creativity! The party is on Saturday and we will have about 25 people squeezing into the house for the fesitivites. It is going to be cozy and chaotic but tons of fun, too. We are serving upside down cupcakes, playing silent chairs, seek and hide and doing an upside down birthday globe craft. I think I am probably more excited than he is. And the icing on the bottom of the cupcake (hee hee) is that my Mom is flying in on Friday and neither of the kids know! They are going to be SO EXCITED!!
Here is a pic of this invite:

While I was sitting at the Craft Show, I decided that I could probably get a little crafting done so I worked on these super cute Halloween cards. I love these Little Monsters from Unity. I think their stamps are so cute. I have a few others I can't wait to play with :) I felt like it needed something else but I had limited supplies to work with there ... only what I brought with me. So, its a tiny bit plain but I just love Frank!

Thanks for looking! Happy Crafting :


Jaime said...

too cute cards dear. aren't 4, almost 5 year olds the cutest. Mine big one will be 5 in Dec. It can take a long time to get here if it wants, He shouldn't be 5 yet, he promised me he will only get to 12 then he doesn't have to grow anymore. He is too silly.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... such a fun idea!! It is a little sad when they hit that 5 yr old mark isn't it? But they do have to grow up, don't they, and it's wonderful to be a part of that too. My 7yr old says he is going to live with me forever, and I asked him what about if he gets married? He said yep, even then. lol!
Have a great upside down party!

Bridgett said...

My oldest is 6 (turning 7 two days after Christmas) and I remember when she turned 5. They grow up so fast. My youngest is just a little over a year old. I know I will cry when he turns 5! LOL Have fun at your upside down party and lots of fun birthday wishes for your little man! Great Frankie card!