Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Favorite Kammy Page

This is one of my favorite pages in Kamryn's baby book. She loves to play dress up and it started at a young age as you can tell! I was blessed with a very girlie girl which is a nice balance for Teagan who is ALL boy. I am not usually a fan of stickers on my scrapbook pages but these blingy stickers were perfect! And I found the cool jewel brads which really fit perfectly with her over abundance of beads. And my favorite picture on this page is the one with her little piggy toes showing through her glass slippers. She has the cutest feet :)

My etsy store is booming all the sudden so I am going to be spending some serious time in my craft area the next few days. I will be cranking out some orders and getting some new stuff up there. I should have some new stuff to show you soon.

Oh, and someone who ordered some of my cards lives near me which is fun! Check out her cool blog (and awesome etsy store). She was so nice to feature my store in her blog so I am going to do the same!

Thanks for visiting! Happy crafting!


Busy Mama said...

LOVE your work - amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kimberly! Glad to here you're doing well~ not surprised, your work is lovely!!