Monday, July 27, 2009

Don't Count Your Chickens

I was given this very cute Southern Living wire basket a long time ago. I had decided (separately) to do my downstairs powder room with a garden theme -- seed packets and such. So this basket seemed to fit in with that theme. Up on the wall it went. But what to put in it? At first it sat empty. Then I stuffed some straw colored bag filler in there. Looked pretty blah. Still, it stayed that way for a L-O-N-G time. Then I had a vision of paper covered eggs. I think I must have seen this in magazine somewhere but can't remember exactly where. I have made pinecone Christmas ornaments but those are time consuming and hard on the fingers! These were much easier and super fast. I whipped out four of them, with the help of my neice who handed me the small punched circles, in less than an hour. That was working slowly, too, as I had four kids running around my craft area at the time.

Making them was super easy. I got a package of 4 styrofoam eggs at Michael's for a couple bucks (if that). I picked out four different patterns of designer series or printed paper. Cut 1 inch circles with my SU! punch. Than randomly attached the circles to the egg with a straight pin. On some, I used the same pattern for the entire egg, others it was totally random. These are fun to make and make a good filler for that spare basket or decorative bowl you have lying around.

Happy Crafting,


Bridgett said...

Wow! That is very creative! I love it!!! Your basket is very pretty, too. I bet you are very pleased with the way everything turned out!!
SBS18 Hugs,

Ann said...

How cute and clever! Love it!

Tracy said...

These are so cool Kimberly! My SIL was just looking for some ideas for a basket she has. Now I have to make her some of these. Thanks for the inspiration. They are just great!!

Martha said...

oh what a cute and clever idea, love it.

Susan aka "Crunchy" said...

These are beautiful! And perfect for your basket!!

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog today! :)

craft mad Jenny said...

really pretty,