Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Birthday Party

Yesterday was my birthday, and while I am not excited about birthdays anymore (as the number is advancing toward a milestone I'd rather ignore), I thought it would be fun to throw myself a party. I work really hard on my kids parties and I LOVE it, so why not do it for myself once to see how it feels. ** It was fun! **

I made cupcakes and put cute flags in them. I used a dollar stamp from Michael's, circle punched it and a back peice, sandwiched it with a toothpick in between using a pop dot. Viola! Easy and it really added a lot. The stamp I used said: "of all possessions, a FRIEND is the most PRECIOUS". I didn't want to be too self-indulgent so skipped the overly "happy birthday" stuff!

I also used my beloved Big Shot to make pillow box favors. I used almost all of my Robinhood Red paper which makes me a little sad, but it looked so cute with the fun polka dot ribbon I found at Michael's. Besides I have to make room for my new In Colors! I had also found some birthday paper supplies (plates, cups, etc) at Hobby Lobby on sale and so that color scheme went together, too. I filled them with M&Ms. I did use a birthday stamp from Eight Great Greetings but it said "You Take the Cake" so I figured that could be more about the attendee ;) I really like that set - I think it's going to get used a lot.

And lastly, I wanted to try to make a pennant banner, as I have never had the opportunity to do so before. What better excuse, right? Again, not wanting to go over board with the "birthday stuff to me", I opted for a WELCOME banner, hopefully, hung tastefully in the family room where we would be spending most of our time. It was fun and I will definitely make these again!

What I loved most about my party is that some of my very favorite people came to celebrate with me. It gave me a good excuse to craft for a reason and now I can share with you. I hope you do something nice for yourself today -- big or small!

Happy Crafting,


Anonymous said...

Fabulous Kimberly!! What better reason to celebrate! A birthday is always a reason to celebrate no matter what age!! Don't worry, I just had my 40th, yep, that unmentionable age, and I feel just fine!! Happy birthday!! Hope it was great fun!

Becky said...

This is simply fabulous, from the cupcakes to the banner, what a wonderful birthday.

Sande said...

Ah, don't worry about your "unmentionable" age...I just celebrated my 60th. Now that is one that I wanted to forget. lol.

Your party looking divine and you did such a super job. Cupcakes look yummy!

The banner was such a great idea.

Happy Birthday