Thursday, April 3, 2008

Still Alive and Crafting ...

Good Morning! I can't believe I haven't been on here to post anything for a very long time! How very bad of me! Well, I have actually been quite busy being creative and am dying to share my projects with you. BUT my husband got tickets to the opening (take 2) STL Cardinals game and took my camera with him. He didn't take any pictures there (I must admit I would have enjoyed seeing Rick Ankiel) BUT I still don't have my camera back yet!! So, I will hopefully track him and it down tonight to take some pictures.

I have been working on some stationary sets for Mother's Day gifts that a friend ordered and am LOVING them. They are quite time consuming but are turning out to be just beautiful! I hope she will love them (and her sisters and mom who will receive them, too).

We are also doing some house projects which have resulted in more craft storage space for me ... yea!! We tore down bookshelves flanking our fireplace which I have hated since the first day I walked into this house. But as it turns out, I love the top part in my craft area for it has really added a ton of space for my supplies!

So, that and my Virtual Assistant endeavors have been keeping me busy. I hope to post more often in the coming weeks. Here is a link to a blog I just visited via Splitcoast and it is quite impressive! I have not gotten brave enough to post a tutorial -- not sure I ever will be courageous enough -- but I will share with you what I find in my many online crafting expeditions!

Oh, and don't miss out on the 50% off coupon at Michael's this week! I suggest you visit the one on Zumbehl or in the Valley rather than the one on Hghwy K ... they aren't so generous if you happen to have forgotten your coupon! The others will let you sign their little paper and reap the rewards!

Happy Stampin! Stay dry!

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