Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Hi! Check out this super cute baby sign that I made for my sister! I am feeling a little obsessed about "altering" things ... I am saving iced tea canisters, laughing cow wedge boxes, pringles cans and really anything else I think I can get my hands on. I guess its my way of trying to save the Earth from overflowing landfills ... how very green of me, huh?? I am not entirely sure what I will do with all this stuff but if a project just screams for an empty chinese take out container ... I've got it!! I also think this obsession is an ode to my late Grandfather, Red, who kept EVERYTHING in case he might need it someday :) I personally don't know anyone who would need 1200 kool-aid scoops or thousands of twist ties, but I do know that I now relate more to that feeling of panic when something that could be useful is headed to the trash can. So, I dedicate my stash of random stuff to my beloved Grandpa!

Oh, and one last thing ... please consider leaving me a comment (just click on the comment button at the bottom of the post you'd like to comment on) so I know I am not alone. I have gotten several nice emails from friends in my personal account, so thank you much for those. But I'd also like to know if my rambles are reaching anyone else out there :) THANKS!

Mmmm, doesn't chinese food sound good for dinner??



Tania said...

This is sooo cute!

Lizette said...

Your rambles are being read ! Don't worry !
Nice blog.