Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Michaels Finds

Morning ~

Check out the coupon link (in my favorite sites to visit) for a 25% off your entire order at Michaels. I used one yesterday and stocked up on some inexpensive stuff to alter.

Check out this cute frame I worked on last night. I am trying to build up a stash of stuff to open a store on! I am excited about that prospect but am nervous at the same time. Do you ever know when your stuff is "good enough" to be sold?? And then pricing just totally stresses me out. I don't want to undercut myself but it feels weird to charge "a lot" and what is a lot?? Plus my very responsible, more business-minded husband is bombarding me with questions (probably a good thing but stressful nevertheless!) that I just can't quite answer yet. So, what do I do when I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed? I craft!

And I organize. So, in addition to the frame last night I also worked on some tins for my markers. I did not order my markers all in one purchase so never got the marker box -- which I think would stress me out even more cause they all have their own slot to go in ... I am organized but not *that* organized! So, they were all thrown into a shoebox sized bin, but then last winter I decided I needed to purchase a whole bunch of sharpie markers to make ornaments with so those got dumped in there, too. Well, that just made it almost impossible to find anything! So, these are containers from "creme wafer rolls" that you can get from Aldi's. A lot of my craft area is decorated using the Recollections DS paper. They are the perfect size and I put a chipboard letter on each so I know where to find the s=soft subtles, e=earth elements, etc. I have one for neutrals (n, of course!) and blender pens which I have accumulated a lot of lately. Someday I am going to make In Color markers!

And I also felt like I needed something to put scrap ribbon into ... so I found this little glass jar. I put some RubOns (SAB12008) on them and Viola! a pretty storage solution. I had this glass vase that I was going to use to make a snowman a couple winters ago and decided to dump the flowers I also found on sale at Michael's into that! And Viola! a second pretty storage solution! I am also thinking about making little candy jars for Teagan's teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week -- I'd just put some RubOns on a jar like this and fill it with candy. What do you think? I am struggling with the fact that school ends at the end of the month and I will get/make them something then, too. Am I giving too much??

Alright, off to check on the kids and craft some more :)


Jennifer Orbaker said...

Very nice and pretty organizing of your stuff! Wish I could be that organized!

Teresa said...

These are all wonderful!!! Great job!

Melzie said...

Orgnzing is my downfall-- LOL!! But I do try. Love everything!!!