Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Whole Week Later ...

Okay, I know I disappeared for a while ... but I was busy with crafty stuff. And some family stuff ... here's whats up!

1.) I am getting ready to unveil a pretty exciting thing ... but I am going to leave you in suspense until I return from vacation. I am leaving on Friday with my kidlets to visit my Mom and Dad in FL. We are all so excited. I am flying and am a little nervous to do that with two kids by myself, but I have been saying lots of prayers!! Teagan is in his last week of school and I am a little in shock that his first year of preschool has already ended. Anyway, this endeavor has me crafting like mad. Here are a few samples:

2.) I signed up for an online scrapbooking sketch class that starts in June. Check this blog out (it's awesome if you scrapbook): http://www.valeriesalmon.typepad.com./ There is information about her Got Sketch Online class there. She has wonderful sketches that I believe come out weekly. I have not been scrapbooking much lately and want to get back to it. OOHHH, I am nervous! I have never posted any of my scrapbooking anywhere -- this is a first!! But, I thought this might be a great way to encourage myself to get on it! Look at me -- I am growing! So here is a sketch challenge that I worked on last night:

3.) And of course, Father's Day is coming up. I am hoping to get some cards in Nooks N Crannies so am starting to get a stash of those started. Here are two cute ones using my Fellas! 4.) And personal stuff ... we are getting a puppy! I know, I know ... I am crazy. Well, "we" have decided that we are not having any more children, and by "we" I mean Tim has "convinced" (kinda) me that this is the best idea. So, I am settling for a furbaby, instead! We will get him the week after we return from FL. He is a 12 week old (maybe closer to 14 weeks by the time we get him) shih-tzu. They have been calling him "Billy" but I am not so much a fan of people names for dogs so we will change it. I think I have it narrowed down to four: Stout, General Tzu, Bonsai, or Smidgen. What do you think?? Here is a picture of my cute little bundle:

5.) A very nice member of SCS also helped me format my blog a few weeks ago and I am sending her some goodies as a thank you. This is also kind of practice for giving away BLOG CANDY at some point in the near future. Here is what I made/purchased for her:

Plus I had my neices over the weekend which is lots of fun! So, that coupled with leaving for FL in a few days has kept me away from the computer. I am glad to be able to catch you up! I will try to post at least once more before I leave. And, I may be able to jump on my Mom's computer while I am there.

Thanks for looking (and reading)!


Becky aka Arctic Stamp Queen said...

I LOVE the scrapbook page you did. Great job with that. Very cute projects. Have fun in Florida and I'm so excited for your furbaby. I rescued a yorkie from the pound last fall and I just love her, she has filled that momma need I had with my children growing older...16, 8 & 7.

specialcraftmom4 said...

I think your scrapbook page is great! I also scrapbook (: Your dog is just soooooo cute!!!!

Vicki C. said...

Card are great - puppy is adorable! I like Smidgen.