Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rocky Is In The House

I have gone completely and totally mad and gotten a puppy! This is "Rolling Rock" aka "Rocky" -- Teagan helped name him and has quickly decided that he is HIS puppy. I will let him believe that for a while, I guess. He is actually a VERY good puppy. He is 13 weeks old and a full bred Shih Tzu. He is completely housebroken and crate trained. We are close to "puppy heaven" -- he does nip when he gets excited (I've told the kids that his teeth get in the way while he kisses when he is super excited) and appears to have the potential to be a chewer. We are trying to nip that in the bud ... pun intended, of course :)

Anyway, he has kept me busy even before he arrived so this week has been all about pups. I really, really need to get crafting though! So, no new crafty pictures yet but very soon ... I promise!!
Also, I will post a BLOG CANDY challenge and pictures of what you'll get very soon ... I have topped the 400 hits number and I think its time!!
Don't forget my Etsy store -- link on the left hand side bar! Also, if you are local and need anything, of course, just call to avoid having to pay shipping through Etsy. I love doing special orders!!

Happy Stampin'!

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Vicki C. said...

Rocky is the cutest!! I don't think when I got my dog she was that small! of course, she is a Great Dane!!

Lots of luck with her!!