Monday, June 23, 2008

Still Working!

Well I am still not quite finished with my cousin's thank you notes, but I am making some good progress! If you are wondering what 100 cards looks like take a peek ...

My goal is to be done by Wednesday! I will let you know if I am being too optimistic. Hmmm? The other thing I have been working on while I take Rocky outside a gazillion times a day, to avoid accidents in the house, is coloring Bellas :) I have been considering Copics but really am having a hard time justifying the HUGE expense that will be. My SU! markers are getting kinda worn and so coloring with them is difficult. So, I used a 50% coupon at Michael's and got the 36 art & craft marker set from Martha's line. So far I like them. They are "blendable" and I am trying to get the hang of coloring and shading with them before I purchase anything more expensive. So, once I get these thank you notes done I am going to whip out some fun Bellas.

My nephews are here from Florida -- Yea! And we made them journals the other day ... here is a look at Alex's. We had a little snafu with the paper on the front so it bubbled a little more than I would have liked but he seems okay with it. I also went garage sale-ing on Saturday and found some STL Art Museum sketch books that I am going to alter. I have already been using one to make card sketches in :) Once I make it pretty I will post that, too.

Personally, I have been doing WW online for a the last couple months, although the last five weeks have been truly serious and following the plan. I have lost 10lbs :) I am so excited. And things are going really well. I have been keeping it quiet because I have not always been able to stick to the plan. But I feel like I have a good solid base. I have had success before on WW right after grad school. That was years ago and I wanted to wear a bikini for once in my life. Now, I just want to feel good -- physically and psychologically. I might never look like a Bella but maybe I can feel as cute as one if I can get to my goal weight which would include NO bikini but a perfect BMI. So, I very nervously will start to share some of my progress on my blog. Oh ... feeling a little sick about this decision. But I think its time. So here is my WW tip for the day -- there are 2 actually ...

1.) Lipton Iced Tea To Go (sugar free and 0 cals) are a great way to get in lots of "water" -- and if anyone out there is addicted to iced tea like I am this is heavenly :)

2.) 100 calorie packs are a great snack if you eat just one. If you eat 12 that's 1200 calories ... don't ask me how this tip came to be ... hee hee! Just EAT ONE.

Happy Stampin' and Here's To Better Health (a toast with iced tea is almost as good as a beer, right??)!


cats whiskers said...

Hi Kimberley, Thanks for your lovely comments, Wow how much work have you been doing thats quite frightening seeing all those cards. Well done on your weight lose wish I was doing so well in giving up smoking
Hugs Jacqui x

kes said...

gosh that amount is amazing, keep going won't be long till your finished :0

Jaime said...

I love the crystal light ones too. The other thing is JollyTime light butter popcorn a whole bag is a point or the FiberOne bars are 1 or 2 points. I don't do WW but my best friend did for a while and she always shared info with me. I do a HIGH fiber diet and just in the beging of June decided to get back on and work harder on it. Want to get to closer to my IBW, and keep the genetic dieseses down to a minimum. Keep up the Good work!!

Jane Carroll said...

you busy bunny!!!
great greations and love the colouring

I know what you mean about 100 cards - i did my sister's wedding invitations and by the end was soooooo bored.

well done with the weight loss - keep it up. i know how hard that is!

hugs jane x

Heather said...

hey kimberley, thats great news on your 10lbs! Congrats girl!! I love ice tea by lipton but they don't do the sugar free version here. every time i'm in the states i try to get some and if i remember rightly don't they have those sticks of powder you can make up yourself? would love to have those here!!! your cards look like they are coming along just great

Bridgett said...

I just wanted to say KUDOS on losing 10 pounds. I saw the most success and kept it off for a long time with WW. I need to get back on that. All the best on meeting and maintaining your goal BMI.