Saturday, June 21, 2008

JUNE Is ...

I have been working on my cousin's thank you notes and doing 100+ cards takes a while. So I have no pictures to post today :( Although, I do have a slight injury from hole punching through CS and ribbon 200 times!!

My DH is in Orlando, FL for a conference though so I hope to get lots of crafting done in the evenings after my kidlets go to bed. We are also expecting some rain at some point and I always craft when it rains!! Hopefully I will have something to post later today or first thing tomorrow.

Anyway, I didn't want to completely disappear. So, here are some excuses to make some cards or express yourself creatively:

June is ....

National Candy Month -- what's more sweet than getting a card with a treat? wonder when national poet's day is ... hee hee!

National Iced Tea Month (YEA!! -- My favorite!!) -- send an invite to a friend to meet for tea

International Mens Month -- send your favorite man a card

National Rose Month -- use a rose image on your next card

Effective Communication Month -- writing is an extremely effective way to communicate why not put it in a pretty card made by YOU?

Dairy Month -- there are lots of cute cow stamps out there ... hmmmm!

Children's Awareness Month -- send your favorite child a card, or donate some cards to a local children's hospital or organization

National GLBT Month -- use your brayer to make a beautiful rainbow background and send a card to a friend

Fireworks Safety Month -- Send out your July 4th invites with a safety tip included

The week of June 28 - July 4 is: Fish Are Friends, Not Food Week -- make a cute card using fishy friends

And in case you need some more ideas:

June 21st is America's Kids Day

June 22nd is Stupid Guy Thing Day

June 23rd is Let It Go Day

June 24th is Fairy Day

June 26th is Hand Shake Day

June 27th is National HIV Testing Day

June 18th is Great American Backyard Campout Day

and my favorite this month is June 30th -- Please Take MY Children to Work Day!! If you are interested in mine, just give me a call ;)

Hope you are all getting creative! I have added some fun sites to my sidebar, too.

Happy Stampin'

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stampinc said...

I didn't know how many celebration days there were just in June. Go figure! My job did a bring your children to work day...I called it bring your brats to work day. I always brought mine. We did workshops with them and then at lunch on it was our turn to keep them busy. Have a great and creative day. Can't wait to see the cards you are making.