Friday, August 15, 2008

crafting queen, she a crafting queen

Okay, now that I have firmly planted that silly song into your head ... here's what I did all day yesterday. I promise that I did not neglect my children. I was on a roll and things were coming to me fast. None of these projects were particularly time consume and most of them were completed after the kids went to bed. I have the Olympics to thank for that. I have been staying up WAY later than normal 'cause I just have to watch. I love the Olympics! And last night's Women's Gymnastics All Around was so fun! Yea, USA! I don't get into the track and field stuff quite as much so I am guessing that my late nights won't last throughout the entire event. But in the meantime, let the crafting continue ....

1.) Top Left Corner: Another wine tote using the paper that I got from Archivers (American Crafts) -- LOVE IT!! These are so easy and so pretty afterwards, I wish I had gotten more from Michaels! I used a shipping tag covered it with the matching printed paper and use rub ons to jazz it up some.

2.) Top Middle: Got these cute popcorn containers from Target's dollar spot. I am pretty sure I bought a few, but my kids most have found them so I will be hunting high and low for some others. I think it turned out cute. I am contemplating doing some craft shows this fall and think if I fill this up with some microwave popcorn and maybe a gift card holder it could work.

3.) Top Right Corner: I found these jumbo binder clips on clearance at Office Max and had been wanting to try these cute little frame/note holders. It was a little tricky getting the chipboard flower attached. I have never seen a tutorial for these and wasn't sure what the back should look like. This will require a little more playing but I learned a lot doing this one. Plus, I adore this picture of my daughter from a couple years back :)

4.) Bottom Left (Two Cards): While searching through my craft area cabinet for my other popcorn containers, I found my stash of acetate. I have an entry for my blog candy (SEE BELOW -- THERE IS STILL TIME TO PARTICIPATE) that is an acetate card and was inspired to finally try one on my own. I did one at Archiver's make-n-take weekend last week but this was solo. I sold some bella images to someone from Etsy and so I had a few left overs. Winobella is my sisters -- but since I was stamping, already, I made a few for myself. I wanted to paper pierce her dress but realized she's NOT MINE! So, had to settle for coloring. I used some bling to make her dress shine. Not sure you can see that so well on my picture. I also thought beads might be fun on acetate, and I hardly ever use them, so dug them out to add a little sparkle to the Christmas card.

5.) Bottom Right: My wonderful hubby bought me some bulletin board squares for Christmas which I hung right away and then realized that I did not have an push pins!! Dah! So, I grabbed some of those on clearance at Office Max, too. Then I wanted something pretty to put them in. I have been saving my Laughing Cow containers for something ... and decided this was one of those "somethings"! Then it looked alittle plain. So, I had been perusing the resources page of SCS the other day and saw this paper bow that I had always wanted to try and decided that was exactly what this cute little box needed. And it was super easy! I used scraps for this entire project. I love that.

I am going to post all these projects on SCS in my gallery (there is a link on my right sidebar) if you want to see them individually. That might not happen until late tonight during the Olympics again, though.

As I mentioned above, I am seriously considering a craft show or two this fall/winter. Any suggestions would be great. Pricing, items to sell, tips, warnings ... share your knowledge, I'd appreciate it greatly!


Mandy said...

What fun creations! I love the variety! :)

Mandy said...

Oh, and the title cracked me up, too!

Conni Frankl said...

wow, you had a busy day, but it all looks great

Donna said...

Wow you have been busy, fab creations, i always miss the important bits if i try to watch tv and craft lol, i guess not all women can multi task. Donna x oh and i forgot all about your blog candy, i started to make a card and it went all wrong (and i wasn't even watching tv then) so i'm going to see what i come up with today. x

Cath said...

How awesome! You did a great job on everything.