Sunday, August 24, 2008

Unplug and Put Your Feet Up

I have not been getting much crafting done this past week. My DH has been putting in super long hours and my energy level has been low. He was able to come home relatively early yesterday so we could hang out and have dinner together. I made him this card:

to let him know how much we appreciate all his hard work. The inside says 'Glad you can "unplug" and hang out with us' -- he seemed grateful. This one came together kind of slow. It needed something and Teagan was playing with a box right beside me. So, I tore off a piece and stuck it on there. Gave it a little texture. This isn't my favorite card but its okay. I also used my rubber craft scissors to snip off the back of the screw brads in the upper right hand corner and attached them with glue dots. That way I didn't have to worry about getting the back lined up and not peeking around that small corner punch.

And, my friend Jen is pregnant and due in October. I hadn't sent a card to congratulate her! Am I the only one obssessed with make cards and suck at sending them??? What is the deal with that??? Anyway, my prego sister just got craveabella and this was a great excuse to use this. This sketch was inspired by the 12 Days of Verve for their anni-VERVE-sary. I didn't get to participate but I printed them out and hope to play with more of them very soon.

So, I hope to be able to find time to be creative this week! Thanks for looking :)


Teresa said...

Super cute cards, tfs!!!

Jules said...

Great card and such a nice idea :o)

Anonymous said...

:) I suck at sending them too!! Really cute card you gave your husband!
I tagged you on my blog!

~Michelle~ said...

I like both of your cards....and I stink at sending cards out too....what's with that?! Why should I like making something I don't like to write IN?! DUH!